WORRIED parents fear they are being left in the dark about coronavirus risks after pupils and teachers returned from a half-term trip to Italy.

Pupils from Lawn Manor Academy joined a class from Royal Wootton Bassett Academy at a resort near the country’s border with France.

Not far south of where they hit the slopes in northern Italy, 323 people have tested positive for coronavirus and 11 have died.

Parents fear there’s a risk of the contagion being brought back with the group, though the schools have been quick to reassure them that government guidelines are being followed “to the letter”.

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Corina Doherty has a teenager daughter at Lawn.

She fears “there could be an outbreak” and pushed for the school staff to be more transparent about the situation.

She said: “They won’t tell us if there is a potential issue or if anyone has been sent home as a precaution – it’s irresponsible.

“It’s very concerning as a mother of a 14-year-old and 16-month-old with health problems. I may take my daughter out of school.

"There are a lot of rumours and I don’t know what to do. An email was sent around but if we ask for any more information, we get nothing.”

One parent said: “I’m absolutely livid.

"Surely they should have told everyone who went on the trip not to come in for a week and see whether they started to show any symptoms just as a precaution, rather than put everyone in danger?”

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Another added: “The school said that there was no need for precautions because no-one was showing symptoms but what if they develop symptoms later and it’s then too late to stop it spreading to other people?

“I’m worried that, if someone has brought it back, it could spread to vulnerable relatives and people in the community. I’m cross with the school. They should have taken more precautions rather than cause all this worry.

“I work with vulnerable people and have been told to stay home until we’re absolutely sure that no-one at the school has the virus.”

Lawn Manor Academy headteacher Sandra Muir said no-one had been sent home because of possible virus symptoms and said that government guidelines did not require self-isolation unless symptoms were shown.

She added: “I can’t comment on individual cases because that would not be appropriate but we are following Public Health England’s advice.

“We have received a number of communications regarding the coronavirus risk following our ski trip to Italy over half term.

“The town that our pupils and staff visited was Claviere in northern Italy, on the Italian/French border. This is not in the most-affected regions of Lombardy or Veneto nor is it in any of the quarantined areas, it is approximately 50 miles away.

“The government’s advice issued is very clear – if you are not returning from a quarantined area, you should only stay at home and call 111 if you start feeling symptoms, then follow medical guidance. That’s what is being done, we are following this advice to the letter.

“There is no need to self-isolate and seek medical advice if you have no symptoms. We are monitoring the situation carefully in case this advice changes.”

Royal Wootton Bassett headteacher George Croxford echoed this.

Lydiard Park Academy told the Adver its school trip to Sorrento in Italy – 500 miles south of the affected area – on March 11 is still going ahead.

But one parent said: “It still puts me on edge. I’ve thought about stopping my child going but if I do, I won’t get my money back. The academy has been brilliant with the way it has handled the situation.”

Principal Gary Pearson said in a letter to parents: “The Foreign Office is still saying that the area around Sorrento is low-risk. The situation is dynamic at the moment and the school continues to monitor the situation.

“The school explored the possibility of cancelling but while the government travel advice remains the same there would be no financial compensation as the reason would not meet the insurance threshold.”