ANGRY parents claimed that the schools who organised a half-term trip to Italy are not being transparent enough about coronavirus precautions.

Pupils and teachers returned to Lawn Manor Academy and Royal Wootton Bassett Academy after spending a few days in a ski resort 50km from a quarantine zone.

Though the schools are following government guidelines, some parents suggested that more could have been done and argued that the school could be more transparent about what precautions are being taken.

When the Adver first covered the story, Lawn Manor Academy headteacher Sandra Muir said that no-one had been sent home, though this has since been disputed.

Angie Titcombe said on the Adver's Facebook page: "Students and teachers were sent home. My daughter told me and when I called the school, they said people were sent home as a precaution. Why isn't the school closed for a deep clean?

"Fair play to the school acting on possibilities but even if only a precaution it should still be treated as a possible coronavirus and cleaned the school."

Gemma Dawson said: "I'm very worried that we are being told different things. I'm worried because this is highly contagious even before any symptoms show.

 "I'm so angry, they should have kept all of them off school in the beginning as a precaution. I think the school should close and have a deep clean, then keep them off long enough to see if any develop symptoms before sending them back.

"Other schools across the UK and other public areas are taking precautions, all went on ski trips in northern Italy, none are in the quarantined towns but they still have the risk."

Sarah Maddock said: "I don’t think they should have gone in the first place. Is anyone taking the coronavirus seriously?"

Alona Clark said: "Not a lot they can do until people do start showing symptoms, they can’t shut the school on a ‘just in case’ basis."

Corina Doherty said: "I phoned the school and they said all four teachers were sent home for personal reasons but would not say anything about the pupils that were on that trip."

The Adver approached Lawn Manor Academy headteachers Sandra Muir and George Croxford for comment.

Mr Croxford said: "We cannot comment on any individual cases and as we have constantly said we have followed Public Health England Guidance which is that schools should stay open and people should carry on as normal unless they have the symptoms in which case they should self-isolate and contact NHS 111.

"Our absolute commitment is to the safety of our students, staff and our communities hence following the guidance from Public Health England. Should any situation change we will inform our students, staff and parents immediately."