The last time there was a Saturday remand court on February 29 was in 1992.

The Leap Year weekend court only comes around once every 28 years.

This year, there were three people before the magistrates.

Addict pinched suitcases and chocolate

An addict who spends up to £150 a day on heroin and crack cocaine stole suitcases and £130-worth of chocolate, Leap Year magistrates heard.

Former racehorse stables worker Martin Drinka was said to have started taking drugs out of curiosity having driven two colleagues to a meeting with dealers to buy crack cocaine.

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‘Drug driving’ accused claims mate was at the wheel

A Witney man accused of drug driving denied being in the driver’s seat of a VW Golf pulled over on the M4 by police.

Darron Borrow, 52, will say his friend was driving the car when it was stopped at junction 17 of the M4 on March 13 last year.

JPs granted Borrow unconditional bail. The trial was set for March 30 at Salisbury Magistrates’ Court.

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Son denies slapping mum and asking her to buy alcohol

A Wiltshire man denied claims he had slapped his mother to the head, demanded she buy booze and called her a vile name.

But magistrates found in favour of Wiltshire Police, who had applied for a domestic violence protection order stopping Bernard Docherty, 47, from contacting his elderly mum for the next 21 days while she stays in a care home.

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