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Health checks needed

The coronavirus can now be called a pandemic because it has spread to every continent of the world.

It is a killer virus with a mortality rate of about two percent. It spreads as easily as the common cold. It can even be spread by infected people that are showing no symptoms of the disease at all.

Many countries are now taking draconian action to protect their peoples. In China quarantine is not voluntary. Special medical police ruthlessly enforce their quarantine restrictions.

At the time of writing this letter Britain has not implemented any health checks on our borders. Considering the serious threat to life of the coronavirus we should at least be isolating people displaying flu symptoms as they enter Britain.

Steve Halden, Beaufort Green, Swindon

Unelected advisers

One of the reasons why many people voted to leave the EU was the fact that they didn’t like be governed by unelected politicians, officials, etc.

I now wonder how they feel about Boris Johnson’s unelected adviser Dominic Cummings having what appears to be unlimited power in Downing Street.

Martin Webb, Swindon Road, Old Town

Criminal deportation

Re: Robber thrust knife into terrified victim’s mouth. (SA, February 20)

The open-door border policy imposed by the EU has seen an influx of crimes committed by EU migrants, many of whom need an interpreter as they cannot speak English.

I am sure that most EU migrants are economic migrants and contribute greatly to our society, but I hope now that we have left the EU we show these criminals no mercy and deport them back to their original country.

Colin Laplus, Old Town

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