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Cash for Health Hydro demonstrates failure

I am sure many of your readers will be amazed that GLL the organisation charged with running the Health Hydro has been given a further £2m of taxpayer funding.

Coun Keith Williams attempts to defend the Council’s actions in handing over this money by suggesting that if they hadn’t done this, the Health Hydro would close.

Coun Williams now states that the Health Hydro needs £7m spent on it and the council intends to raise the money which may come as a surprise to many, as in 2014 the very same Coun Williams justified the tie up with GLL on the basis that he thought “This is a great deal, which secures investments for these sites which could not happen if they remained in public ownership.”

It is now clear that GLL does not appear to have the operational skills they made claim to, neither it would appear do they have any community focus, even worse they don’t appear to have the capacity to raise the funds necessary to maintain and improve the Health Hydro.

Whatever future statements Coun Williams issues must be taken with a ‘huge pinch of salt’.

The reality is that GLL has failed the council taxpayer and SBC has yet again demonstrated that they really should not be put in charge of a sweet shop never mind entrusted to negotiate a contract which might just favour the people of Swindon.

Des Morgan, Caraway Drive, Swindon

Lets concentrate on getting the best deal for UK

I’m writing in response to Dr Adam Poole’s recent comments about racism being a major factor in peoples’ decision to vote to leave the European Union.

In my opinion, his comments are a disgrace.

When is he going to accept the result of the Referendum, the recent General Election and the fact that the UK has left the EU, even after 40 years of membership.

My guess is, never.

I’ve been to 45 Countries across Europe to include all of those in the EU. I’m not racist, never have been and never will be!

And I voted leave.

I was appalled by his comments on racism aligned to a certain percentage of leave voters to justify his own views. It’s pathetic and laughable.

Can I suggest, that Dr Poole accepts that we’ve left the EU whether he likes it or not. After all, it was a democratic vote by the British people.

If not, then he can go and live in any one of the remaining EU Countries.

There is plenty to choose from and no one is stopping him.

It’s time to move on and let the Government, who I did not vote for, get the best deal that’ll benefit everyone in the UK and that includes Dr Poole.

Alan Wilson, Shapwick Close

Station a pipe dream

I read that the council have an idea of a second railway station for Swindon

Really? This council can’t even agree to a new snowasis

The town is so run down its a disgrace.

I worked for the railway for 44 years and no one was interested in all that time, so why now?

Yet another pipe dream

Steve Harling, By email

In sympathy

Ref Bill Williams, please accept our deepest sympathy for your loss.

Unless you’ve been lucky enough to have a little Westie as we do, (he’s 12 also) you won’t understand Bill’s sadness.

A Wilkinson, Swindon

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