Advertiser readers have spoken out on their shock at the state of Swindon's supermarkets after recent panic buying.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic a number of shops have been raided for the essentials such as toilet paper, pasta and bread.

The Advertiser documented some of the barren shelves across the town centre.

Here's what you said on Facebook:

Jenny Pithers: "Well, I couldn't get potatoes or cat litter today. So I've decided to ration what I have out to last until my pension come sin on March 30, as I haven't much money left either.

"Want to stay home now with my hubby who has dementia. Hoping things will have calmed down by the time I've got money again."

Lynda Tremblin: "Stuff being able to buy two, three or four of anything, it's time to limit to one unit."

Sera Thompson: "Why the hell are people hoarding fresh food? That will all go to waste.

"I know you want to minimise shop visits and it's fair to get a week's supply in but be sensible.

"The people who can't get to the shop the second it opens are keeping your country running for you."

Tracy Willis: "People need to be considerate, not that they will, for the elderly and the key workers who are still working to keep this country going and by the time they've finished a day's work there is nothing on the shelves for them to buy.

"These people still have families to feed, they may not be staying in or working from home but still need to eat.

"If they stop, the whole country will stop. Maybe supermarket should have a time slot with proof that you are a key worker where they can shop."

Ann-Marie Hanrahan: "Morrison's in Dorcan had toilet roll for all of five minutes earlier.

"People had wo packs each in their trolley, 18 in a pack. Why?

"It's just greedy and then leaves others who are vulnerable or working silly hours like those in the NHS with no opportunity to purchase any.

"Stop being so greedy people. If everyone did their normal shop we wouldn't be in this mess."

Leanne Smith: "You're better off going to local shops (little ones), eggs are a sore point but it's better than the big stores.

"Lucky I went to four shops today for eggs so my little boys can make some Toy Story cakes. Needed one egg and I got some!

"It's bad when your children don't understand why we can't find eggs or potatoes.

"My younger child has said people who keep buying everything and leaving no eggs for his cakes are savages. I've told him not to say it but he's five and has made his own mind up."

Emma Henly: "I work in a supermarket and according to my customers they are not panic buying it's just a normal shop.

"The reason they have four of everything is because it's for their mum, bad, sister, brother, auntie and fifth cousin's uncle's grandmother.

"I've also met a lot of large families this week too."

Christine O'Rourke: "It's great having limits but who's there to enforce this? Panic buying is silly.

"Asda have a notice but a lady went through self-checkout with four packets of toilet rolls and no one questioned her."

Elaine Walpole: "Went to Lidl this morning, they are being very firm with customers buying more than they should.

"Had plenty of fruit and fresh veg and a good selection of meat and plenty of milk.

"That's down to them controlling the greedy ones, well done Lidl."

Sam Ruck: "Should be limiting the amount of people in there. I think it will be security on the doors soon."

Andy Bissex: "Surely stores should be preventing this?"