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Happy styling memories

With reference to the great pictures in Rewind supplement on Monday of hairdressers and their triumphs.

I note that the names of some award winning stylist were omitted.

In the picture top right featuring two of their many cups in the back row they are all stylists trained from our own apprenticeship scheme which continues to this day; Serena Deegan, Sharon Pippard, Steven Goldsworthy and Lisa Reynolds.

How do I know? Well they are all members of our team at ‘Peter of Mayfair 2nd image’ now trading and known as Goldsworthy’s hairdressing and still trading 59 years after opening in October 1961 and now under the leadership of that same Steven Goldsworthy who went on to be Welsh Champion, International French Cup winner, Gold Trophy holder and a member of the international British Hairdressing team.

Steven has added another feather to his cap having graduated, with special distinction from the Institute of Trichologist’s.

Peter Goldsworthy (founding partner) Peter of Mayfair

We will prevail

I went shopping to one of the local supermarkets on Wednesday evening with my youngest son as we normally do every week when it is quiet.

It was busy and there were many empty shelves.We then went to a smaller supermarket hoping to make up the shopping difference.

Empty shelves again. Toilet rolls? You have a better chance of finding free jars of twenty pound notes on the shelves.

Is it back to newspapers cut in squares on a rusty nail in the toilet in the back garden. Older generation agreed?

Boris wants us all to stay in the house. Could it be he hopes to kill us in our seventies all off with boredom watching endless TV repeats before the virus gets to us.

Seriously, I shall carry on as usual, unless it becomes a legal obligation to stay at home. It is impossible on a small over crowded island like ours to become totally isolated from human contact.

Why pick on the pubs and restaurants and theatres, all part of our British way of life. People working in warehouses, offices and factories are in close proximity.

This could cost hundreds of thousands of jobs. Bad enough worrying about the virus, never mind losing your job as well. Not to mention the financial impact on our economy with all these closures.

Time for steady nerves and cool heads. Help any of our neighbours or friends who need any assistance no matter how small. Stop emptying the super market shelves through self interest.

Support to the hilt, our wonderful NHS staff and any other occupations, or public service workers in the front line of this crisis. Not for the first time, nor I suspect the last.

We all face unsettling times to our normal way of life. But I firmly believe that as our ancestors before us did. We will succeed in the end.

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Covingham

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