Prime minister Boris Johnson has announced a stricter lockdown of the UK to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

People are no longer allowed to go outside unless it’s to go to work or to do one method of exercise including running, cycling or walking.

You can still go to the shops but only as infrequently as possible.

All other shops have been closed except essential stores including supermarkets and pharmacies.

Momfer Undersand: “Travel to and from essential work.

“Nice and definitive, if this is left to employers they’re all going to scream that they are.

“So do I or don’t I go to work?”

Leslea Connelly: “Essential work... is this key workers or others like self-employed?

“That essential for them because they will only be getting approximately £90 a week from the government.

“He should of expanded on this.”

Shanny Horton: “But it’s not a complete lockdown. And people who go to work and daily exercise, how are you going to control that?

“My God, it’s a joke, they need a complete lockdown.”

Martin Costello: “I think the PM has this spot on.

“I’m not sure how much more quicker it could have been sensibly implemented.”

Adam Poole: “Too little too late. The guy has lost control and is being led by the nose and simply reacting to events.

“Still hardly surprising from a government comprised of populists who have spent the last five years or so undermining experts and institutions and lying to people.

“Is it really surprising that so many people don’t listen to them? Is it really surprising that so many people distrust them?”

Simon Mundy: “Am I the only one who found his speech a bit meh. Almost like it just wasn’t threatening enough?.

“He didn’t use the word lockdown there was no power behind his speech. I don’t think people will take any notice at all.”

Lynda Orchard: “I just think the world is on factory reset. With everything that’s gone on fire floods now plague.

“I think this should have been done sooner not sure how it will be policed either.”

Mark Lambourne: “I agree with him to lockdown.

"I just wish he would of sorted out the self employed, as I can no longer work but still have bill’s but no income.”

Lee Hardiman: “This could’ve been prevented if it wasn’t for the idiotic, selfish & greedy panic buyers.

“They just didn’t want to listen so Boris had no choice to put the country into lockdown.”

Darren Hobbs: “People won’t listen, just wait and see, tomorrow will be no different than today!

“People won’t stop until it’s them or their loved ones suffering.”

Mike Langford: “The man is doing a great job, whilst having the most vulnerable at home, no-one can put a good argument against him, good work PM.”

Chris Ayres: “Proper Leader. Doing a job none of us would want.

"Looking at evidence.

“Listening to experts. Avoiding panic and hopefully reducing the impact.”

Martyn Pearce: “He’s given us free choice that’s why he’s not using lockdown, but telling us don’t go out unless absolutely necessary, so stay home.

“No-one wants a police state, so just pay attention.”

Mike Ash: “Can someone explain to me why we still have our airports open allowing people, many of whom are not UK residents that have been travelling on a crowded plane for many hours to enter out country at this time?”