AN Indian restaurant owner is delivering free hot meals to Great Western Hospital staff while they are working to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Sadik Ali, who owns The Khyber on Victoria Road, donated vegetarian curry and rice to help keep spirits up.

He said: “I’m just helping them because they’re working all hours, they haven’t got time to go to the shop.

“They haven’t got time to have food at work, so I am just giving them hot meals ready to eat.

“We are proud to deliver freshly made curry and rice individual meals

He added: “I’m just doing it because we understand the need and made this donation.

“I understand what pressure the NHS is under and they are doing a great job for the community and I am just doing my bit.”

The 50-year-old has been going to the hospital every since last Saturday .

He has served paramedics and various wards including the intensive care unit along with Orchard and Linnet wards.

“So far I’ve done 400 meals. I’m just doing it on my cost,” he explained. “I’ve always done charity stuff but with the coronavirus, the NHS is under a lot of stress.

“I thought it’s the right thing to do at the moment.”.

“They are loving it, it just brings a massive smile to their face, you can tell that they haven’t had time to eat. It makes me feel happy to see them smile. We will do it until they tell us to stop.”

The Khyber shut its doors on Friday following the government’s order to restaurants, pubs and cafes to close and help to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“We’ve been closed but the NHS is not. They are great people, they are away from their families taking care of other people’s families. I’m very grateful,” Sadik said.

Cat Newman, the hospital’s head of fundraising, thanked The Khyber for its generous donation.

She said: “It’s wonderful how the community has really got behind us. Everyone wants to do their bit. Everyone wants to try and make a difference. And they really are."

Businesses who want to donate wrapped, long-life consumables like biscuits, UHT mik, tea or coffee are asked to contact Brighter Futures on 01793 605631. Unfortunately, the charity can now no longer accept donations of hot food. 

The Khyber is one of many food outlets that has responded to the pandemic with offers of food for people on the frontline.

Some of the biggest chains have pledged to provide free hot drinks and meals and Costa Coffee has kept open its branches in hospitals in order to provide free coffee for the NHS workers.