CORONAVIRUS: Watch this south west nurse's heartbreaking plea amid coronavirus outbreak

A nurse urged people visiting A&E to tell NHS workers the truth if they have the symptoms of coronavirus.

In a powerful video posted on social media by the NHS clinical commissioning group for Bath, North East Somerset, Wiltshire and Swindon, the senior A&E nurse who introduces himself as “James” said his hospital has run out of personal protective equipment – as staff are almost permanently wearing the protective gear.

James, who works within Wiltshire and Somerset, said: “Don’t lie to us." 

James, a local emergency Nurse Practitioner, spends all day looking after other people. Please take two minutes out of your day to watch this video and help us look after our NHS staff. We can all be heroes ♥️ #NHS #NHSstaff #StayAtHome #StayHomeSaveLives

Speaking to the camera with tears in his eyes having finished a seven day run of shifts, the nurse said he was still seeing people turning up at A&E with minor injuries like bruises and scuffs that can be treated at home.  

Nurse’s plea in full

“I’m James. I’m an advanced emergency nurse practitioner and I’ve just finished a 7 day run of 10 hour shifts.

“I work in MIU, urgent care centres, urgent treatment centres and A&E.

“We’re still seeing people turning up with injuries that are just unbelievably minor. These injuries can be treated at home: bruises, scuffs, minor wounds, minor burns, sprains. If you go onto the NHS website and type in ‘first aid’ it’ll tell you how to care for yourself at home.

“Don’t come to A&E, MIU, UTCs and when you do don’t lie to us. If you’ve been in contact with the virus or somebody’s at home isolating, you’ve got a high temperature, you’ve got a cough, tell us the truth and we can deal with you appropriately."


Since the start of the outbreak, across the country more than 8,000 people have tested positive for coronavirus. 422 people have died.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said thousands of retired doctors and nurses have offered to return to the NHS to help tackle the virus. On Tuesday, he announced plans to recruit 250,000 volunteers to support the health service’s efforts and unveiled proposals for a pop-up hospital in London’s ExCel Centre with capacity to hold up to 4,000 patients.

Concerns have been raised about the capacity of the NHS and public health teams to deal with the current crisis, with warnings about a lack of kit including ventilators and personal protective equipment.

On Monday, South West Wiltshire MP Dr Andrew Murrison told the House of Commons that a PPE order for Wiltshire Council would not now arrive until April 9.

Wiltshire Council leader Philip Whitehead later told the BBC that the equipment had been “diverted”.