CHILDREN are putting up colourful pictures of rainbows in their windows in a bid to spread hope and happiness during the coronavirus pandemic.

And people have been playing games of I Spy a Rainbow while they are out taking their exercise.

For Jolene Breslin from Stratton, it was an opportunity for her and her three children Ronnie,four, Sean, six, and Tyler, 11, to express their gratitude to the NHS workers.

She said: “We had some art stuff at home, so we thought it was good for our children to make this lovely piece of art to show our support to the NHS staff in Swindon and across the country at this stressful time.

“It’s also a way to keep the children busy so they are not sat on their iPad or Xbox. My children want to share a message with the Swindon community and do what is best for everyone’s health and safety.”

Since school closures were announced last week, parents have found themselves having to home-school and keep their children entertained throughout the lockdown.

Lisa Shearing, from Liden, encouraged her two sons Jack,nine and Billy, five, to join the rainbow.

Swindon Advertiser: Billy and JackBilly and Jack

She said: “Quite a few houses around Liden were placing them in their windows and I like arts and crafts and I thought it would be a nice thing to do with the children to keep them entertained.

“I like the initiative, I think it creates a feeling of solidarity that we’re in this together although we’re apart.

“Most mums didn’t want to ever home school their children, so it’s been a bit of a learning curve for most and it’s a nice way of trying to remain positive.”

Lisa Hearn and her four-year-old daughter Molly Pike have both painted rainbows and hung them in their front windows in Eldene.

Lisa told the Adver: “We saw the post on Facebook when we caught wind that the schools were closing. My daughter loves rainbows and I explained to her that the rainbows signified that we’re all in this together and want to spread hope.

“We placed ours in our living room window. We are on a main road so lots of people walk past. It’s a great way of showing everyone they’re not alone in this and we will get through this.”

Toddler Freya McIntosh, two, has done her bit to brighten up Morrison street in Rodbourne.

Swindon Advertiser: Freya McIntoshFreya McIntosh

Her mum Shelley, said: “She was very proud of her rainbow and got incredibly excited to see all the others.

“It has been lovely to see them springing up all over Rodbourne. They’re bringing happiness when there’s not much else to smile about.”

Swindon Advertiser: Madeleine Carter, nineMadeleine Carter, nine