The gates to the tennis courts at St Mark’s Park will be welded shut after the parish council criticised the people still using them.

A Central Swindon North Parish Council spokesman accused people of a ‘reckless selfish act’.

The government guidance published after Boris Johnson’s coronavirus lockdown speech on Monday, says people are allowed “one form of exercise a day - for example a run, walk or cycle alone or with members of your household”.

Here’s what you told us...

Carol Ann Stokes: “Families? How do we expect to get this into kid’s heads if irresponsible adults are leading the way.”

Tracy Patterson:” I have just got back from walking my dog there.

“I saw grown ups using it and each court was in use. Adults are still taking their kids in the playground part too.”

Dave Durston: “Well, I mean, you are technically more than 2m apart.

“As a sport, you are never actually that close to your opponent.”

Terry Sargent: “This act alone is selfish.

“Some people’s attitudes and outlooks in this particular day and age is beyond words.”

Lee Collie: “I walked my two dogs this afternoon in Pinehurst and there were nine young lads playing basketball.

“I have never seen so many people around about in the green areas of Pinehurst at that time of the day.”

Clare Loxton: “The club has taken all the correct procedures as outlined by the government.

“All tennis has been cancelled until further notice.

“Please focus on positivity, promoting people to stay indoors and not being negatives on people.

“And if you have problems with teenagers meeting the basketball area, contact the police and they can get community police to patrol the area.”

Erica Stanton: “The PM’s message was loud and clear. This is just one example of pure selfishness.

“They could be the loss of another life because of this, They should arrest people like they do in Europe, they wouldn’t mess around then. We’re too soft.”

Lynsey Brown: “I’m more concerned about the amount of children playing on the play park. It was all day yesterday and the day before.”

Ashley Márquez: “Just simply put a heavy duty padlock on there and stash a camera in the trees like they normally would.”

Gail Sargeant: “The virus can transfer through handling the tennis balls, not to mention the gates onto the courts.”

Sam Slevin: “Wouldn’t locking the gates be enough? Welding them shut seems a bit extreme.”

Craig Loxton: “All precautions have been carefully followed during this awful time.

“My group coaching was suspended on Friday with precaution of everything going on , and all the safety procedures in place to ensure the safety of the kids.

“As soon as we were told it was no longer safe all coaching was suspended on Saturday before the lock down announcement.

“Negative comments like this are the major issue with our society, without knowing how many free hours we put in to build the community and multiple charitable events we do yearly also.”

Garth Hudson: “So how close were these people to each other and anyone else? More than two metres I’d guess. Until Boris Johnson and his team think some of this through and give clear advice, this will keep happening.”

Rachel Shipp: “Tell them as a pharmacy worker I am working hard and they are potentially going to kill me for my efforts.”