NHS staff will no longer pay for parking during the virus outbreak.

It came after 400,000 signed a petition for the fees to be scrapped.

Anthony Gallagher, an NHS GP, set up the petition on Change.org to thank health workers for their ‘‘bravery to step up in our nation's hour of need."

He said: "I am in no doubt that the Government did not begin this week intending to cover all parking charges for NHS staff. This is a massive success, thanks to all the hundreds of thousands of people who signed my change.org petition. 

"I hope after this nightmare has passed, that the Government will still notice how NHS workers go above and beyond every day. It would not be reasonable, at that time, to give them all a pay-cut and reinstate parking charges.

"I am optimistic that the Government will do what is right and scrap these parking charges permanently."

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said he would give immediate financial backing for all NHS trusts to provide free car parking to NHS staff for the duration of coronavirus pandemic.

The local government secretary has also agreed for local councils to offer free car parking to all NHS workers and social care staff during the coronavirus outbreak.