POLICE carried out their usual patrols during the coronavirus pandemic.

Though the pandemic has given the force plenty of extra work, officers managed to find time to check out alleyways around Broadgreen and Swindon's town centre yesterday.

A police spokesman said: "Even at this extraordinary time, Wiltshire Police are still doing the range of our usual activities.

"PC Campbell-Smith, one of Team 3’s newly qualified officers was doing patrols of alley ways around the Broadgreen area where we have seen drug dealing at times.

"We make patrols like this, day and night, to protect vulnerable people and to make such areas safer for our communities

"PC Zerebecki and PC Plaister from Team 3 at Swindon had time during their emergency response work to make a foot patrol of Swindon town centre.

"As you can see, the public are clearly observing the advice from Public Health England and the new legislation.

"We extend our best wishes to the people who work at the shops and businesses, which are temporarily closed, at this extraordinary time."