Shoppers in Swindon have contacted their local councillors with complaints of price rises in some stores amid the coronavirus crisis.

Coun Adorabelle Shaikh told the Adver people had spoken to her about stores on Manchester Road, Corporation Road and Groundwell Road.

She called on the government to act on the issue and hold wholesalers and shops to account.

Here’s what you told us on Facebook:

Sandra Edmondson: “Since the beginning of time, people have made money out of people’s misery.”

Emma Boyle: “I’ve noticed that certain items have gone up in price and also deals that were on before all of this have stopped.

“A heads-up to customers would have been a nice gesture, just letting them know.

“We all appreciate that they are staying open and providing us with a service but a lot a people have had to leave work so income has greatly reduced so increasing the prices wasn’t a good move at this moment in time.”

Kay Horsley: “I have 100 per cent noticed this but I guess it's supply and demand.”

Sam Keating: “Are people that dumb that they think it’s not affecting all industry’s, ingredients, production, delivery services?

“It’s not some conspiracy, things will be priced differently in different circumstances.”

Fiona Smart: “Every email I’ve had from major supermarkets, they’ve all said due to the limited items per person they’re getting rid of multi-buy offers to help reduce the amount people buy.

“Maybe it’s more expensive because you don’t have your offers anymore.”

Anthony Taylor: “Well make note of these stores and don’t use them when things go back to normal, profiteering from people when they are most in need is wrong!

“I understand why the smaller stores do this as they are not able to buy in bulk due to product shortages so they have higher cost prices however the larger stores have no excuse!”

Christophe Scellier: “The value of the pound has gone down too, which doesn’t help.

“Even for goods produce over here as raw materials will be more expensive.

“Gone back back up to €1.12 this weekend, after going down to €1.06 a couple of weeks ago. Still a far cry from the €1.30 before the Brexit referendum.”

Charlotte Cobb: “I don’t think prices have been changed but with multi-buys being stopped due to restrictions in bulk-buying, you won’t be making any savings.”

Jeanette James: “I’ve not noticed any price rises but then I haven’t been out since last Wednesday when I went to work.

“My husband has been getting anything we need on his way home from work and had not noticed any increases either.”

Dot Rowbotham: “If greedy, selfish people hadn’t gone crazy stockpiling perhaps the prices would not be going up.

“Blame these people for causing this, not the retailers.”

Louise Tutt: “Supermarkets have made it clear they were getting rid of offers to stop people bulk-buying and only buying essentials.”

Phil Cambray: “Not necessarily the retailer at fault. If their cost price goes up then the price they have to sell it for also goes up, it’s a basic rule of business.”

Marilyn Beale: “Stop panic buying then.”

Jon Cooke: “Basic supply and demand here. Standard business practice.”

Barry Cox: “They have removed multi-buy offers so obviously price goes up”