PATROLLING police in north Swindon said they were disappointed by the number of people still visiting Shaw Forest Park.

Travel is only allowed if essential, and car parks at other Swindon parks have already been closed to stop people driving to them.

Exercise can be done outdoors once  a day - but within walking distance of your home.

Central Swindon North PCSOs we're out on cycle patrols in Gorsehill, Pinehurst, Rodbourne, Moredon and West Swindon.

They said: "The majority of every one we spoke to were fully supportive of the social distancing and stay at home rules and we want to thank everyone who is staying home and saving lives.

"However, it was disappointing to see lots of cars turning up at Shaw Forest Park for walks.

"Please remember that it is not necessary or essential to drive to a location to carry out your one form of exercise a day."