A DRUNK who threatened to kill a Buzz Bingo worker thanked magistrates for sending him to prison.

Kevin Wolton, 37, told the Swindon justices he had begged the probation service to send him to jail without success.

“I feel like I need to go to prison. I have told probation this. I think this will do me the world of good,” he said.

“I want to get clear of alcohol. I thank you for sending me to prison.

“I know I can’t get any help in prison because of the wing I’m on. But I know I can sit behind a door and dry myself out.”

Swindon Magistrates’ Court heard Wolton had gone to Buzz Bingo at the Greenbridge retail park on March 10 in the hope of finding his ex-partner. A restraining order bans him from contacting the woman.

He verbally abused staff at the bingo hall. He turned his attentions on one worker, telling him: “I’m going to kill you.” He took his arm out of a sling, causing the man to fear he would be attacked.

Prosecutor Kate Prince said his former partner had not given police a witness statement about the breach of the restraining order.

Kevin Wolton Picture: WILTSHIRE POLICE

Wolton, of Sheppard Street, admitted disorderly behaviour, assault and breach of a restraining order.

Mike Hall, defending, said his client was an alcoholic, had been drunk when he went to Greenbridge and did not realise the restraining order was still running.

He said: “He apologises to the court and people who had to listen to his ranting on this particular day when he was in his cups.

“For the first time in a long time he has accommodation. That accommodation will be lost if he receives custody.”

Jailing him for nine weeks, chairman of the bench Paul Sample said: “We are concerned about the continuing impact that alcohol has on your life.”

Wolton has a chequered history with the courts.

In 2016, he was jailed for 21 months after jurors found him guilty of groping a 12-year-old girl – having suggested she and her friend, 13, join him for a threesome. He tried to put his hand down the child’s trousers but was pushed off by another homeless man, who was heard to use Wolton’s nickname “Gypsy Kev”. A pub boss told the police that the sex offender sang a song with the lyric: “I'm Gypsy Kev, I'll do what I want.”

Swindon Borough Council managed to get a court injunction in 2018 banning the street drinker from the town centre and parts of Old Town for two years. At the time, town centre officer PC Paul Bezzant said Wolton had made life miserable for many.