A RESCUE dog shot in the head for stealing doormats in Spain is on the lookout for a loving home.

Nelly, a 10-year-old Spanish Water Dog, was saved by SNDogs after the terrifying ordeal in her home country.

She has been living with the Pinehurst charity for a couple of months but is now ready for adoption.

The man who has been fostering her, Mark Harding, said: “When she was found she had been shot in the head a couple of times for stealing door mats to make a bed out of.

“That might be why she’s a little cautious of other people.”

He added: “She’s a rather quiet dog, and it does take a while for her to get used to someone. She would be very good with an older couple.

“She is starting to get a little more playful but she mostly lies around all day.”

Since being looked after by SNDogs, Nelly has come out of her shell and even has a favourite pastime.

Mark said: “Sometimes she like to jump up at you and get attention.

“What she really likes is, she’ll come to you and lay down in front and want a belly rub. She really loves belly rubs.”

Nelly is said to be good with other dogs and has been living in the same home as Dora, a female podenco manteo featured by the Adver last week.

Anyone interested in giving Nelly a home should visit sndogs.uk/adopt-a-dog and fill out the application form.

A home check will then be carried out, taking between 30 minutes and a couple of hours, before a decision is made.

After the family has been accepted the foster carer will make contact and arrange a time to meet and get to know her.

The charity is looking for a £200 fee for adopting Nelly, which will go towards providing the care for other dogs.