Two singing neighbours have teamed up to put on a mini-concert for their street.

Michelle Souter and Phoebe Maddison, from The Voice Kids, live on Haywain Close and decided to sing from their doorsteps tomorrow evening to raise neighbours' spirits.

The duo have recently created their own group called NVO (New vs Old) but have known each other for five years.

Speaking to the Adver, Phoebe said: “We decided together to do this as a little Haywain Festival.

“We’re just going to stand outside our houses and have a little sing for everyone and hopefully everyone will stand outside and have a sing along as well.

“It’s just to raise people’s spirits and uplift people, especially during this time as it’s so confusing and there’s nothing better than being together, and obviously staying far away. I’ll just feel uplifting.”

The pair had created and printed a number of leaflets to put through their neighbours doors to gather some awareness of the event.

Alongside their neighbours, the duo also wanted to help the NHS and frontline workers.

Phoebe added: “Mainly we want to raise awareness of what they’re doing and to hopefully raise their spirits as well.

“That’s the most important thing at the minute.

“This could be a really lonely time for people so having something else to sing along to and look forward to is amazing.

“Hopefully the coronavirus will sort itself out soon and hopefully we’ll be back out soon.”

Michelle, 31, has been singing in a number of bands over 20 years and is looking forward to Sunday’s event.

She said: “We’re quite a close-knit close, and we’ve got quite a few vulnerable people on the road who haven’t been out the house in such a long time.

“I sing in a duo with Phoebe but because things have been closed we’re in separate houses.

“I came up with the idea of doing a gig from our houses with our speakers and microphones, taking turns singing for the neighbours.

“We’ve got a WhatsApp group we’ve set up for everyone and we gave out leaflets asking for people to come out and we’ll be playing for about an hour.

“It’s been well received, a lot of the neighbours have said they’ll come out and the kids have been so bored and it’ll give them something to look to do.”

With the current conditions people are living in, Michelle believes this kind of event will make everyone feel a lot happier.

She added: “It will help with morale really. It will keep people’s moods up. You can get depressed if you stay in the house for a long time and this will be really good for the community.”

The pair will be live streaming the concert on their Facebook pages at 4pm tomorrow.