A PET store in Wroughton has reassured its customers that it's business as usual.

PetShed is open for its normal hours even though the neighbouring garden centre is closed.

Owner Philip Wells said: "While we appreciate everyone is worrying about future supplies of your favourite products, as an independent, PetShed is in a better position to obtain replenishment stock, than many large superstores, who can only buy through their own central warehouse, and have to compete for stock with the rest of their group.

"We deal directly with the suppliers of most of our items, and also have access to three independent wholesalers/distributors should we need them. We can also react quicker to local changes and needs, and can generally get items that we don’t normally keep, as special orders.

"We have always had high levels of cleanliness, and have increased our sanitising even more during these difficult times.

"All we ask is that people shop sensibly during these times, maintain good social distances, and where possible only one member of each family per visit, to give everyone a chance to shop safely.

"As the main gate is closed, we are operating through the goods inwards gate, further down the access road."