TEACHERS have been putting smiles on their pupils' thanks to a dance video on Facebook.

Staff at The Dorcan Academy boogied along to Whitney Houston's 1980s smash I Wanna Dance With Somebody in their own homes before posting a combined effort online – to widespread acclaim.

Dance teacher Kelly Sutton has worked at the school for 15 years, having once been a student there herself.

And she was over the moon when her colleagues wanted to get involved.

Kelly said: “I was blown away by the number of teachers who were actually up for it.

“It took me 19 hours to edit but it was something nice to focus on during the week.

“Everyone who did it was hilarious, it brought a smile to my face, it was so nice.”

Kelly started the video off with her eight-year-old daughter Rosie-Monroe.

Other teachers danced with their children, dogs – and even a pet tortoise.

Headteacher Sheryl Bareham got involved and danced with some mannequins in reception at the school, which is closed due to the coronavirus lockdown.

She told the Adver: “My daughter was involved which was nice for her because it was a bit different and she got a break from home-schooling. It’s also a good memory we’ve made together.

“After I had set up my students’ home learning I felt a bit lost. It’s really strange at the moment because I’m used to living my life at 100 miles per hour. I’ve never been good at keeping still and that’s why I came up with the idea to do the video.”

Dancing is Kelly's passion in her life, having studied it at New College before becoming a teacher.

Kelly told the Adver: “I get lovely little letters from my students when they leave about how they’ve loved my lessons.

“They always remember and love a quote I say which is ‘dancing with your feet is one thing and dancing with your heart is another’.

"And it doesn’t matter what your ability is, just getting to move around to music, there’s no feeling quite like it.”

They chose Whitney’s famous 1987 chart-topper because it is a song that resonates with everybody.

The reception proves it was a good pick – it has had more than 500 reactions and more than 200 shares on social media.

In the comments people have said it has cheered them up and made them laugh.

“We’ve had private messages from people who have seen it, parents and students with lovely comments about it," Kelly said.

"We got everyone smiling so I think it was mission accomplished."