Singers and dancers got together to promote a defiant message to the people of Swindon.

With the coronavirus lockdown in place, Wilkes Academy of Performing Arts second year student Jordan Lee Brailsford wanted to keep his classmates active.

The video shows students singing Defy Gravity from the Broadway musical Wicked.

Among the clips are people singing with their families and even some confused pets.

Jordan, 22, told the Adver: "A load of us are stuck at home at the moment and I wanted to put something together.

“I messaged a load of people and said ‘would you like to be in this lip sync video’ and a lot of them said yeah.

“We put this together to basically show our principles that we’re not sat around just doing nothing.”

Along with proof the students were still pulling their weight, Jordan also wanted to promote a message of hope for the general public.

Jordan added:”The song Defy Gravity is sort of 'defy what's going on'. That’s why I used that particular song.

“Because we’re all dancers and singers, we’re all enthusiastic and I wanted to pick something that shows us a bit more.”

The five-minute YouTube video took a long time to put together, including editing and getting his friends to actually record their lines.

“It took a week or so to put together," said Jordan. "Everyone individually had to come up with ideas and stuff like that. It took me a couple of days solid on my laptop to put it all together and chase everyone down.

“With a lip sync video I had to match up the footage with the audio and that’s not easy.

“I appointed everyone some lines, about 15 seconds' worth, and I tried to distribute it equally to everyone involved.”

As well as just spreading a positive message, Jordan added a tangible aspect to the video as well.

He said: “I attached a charity to it as well, just so that if anyone did want to donate any money then it’s there.

“I picked the Human Relief Foundation, which is based around helping people. It helps the NHS but mainly it focuses on the elderly and the vulnerable.

“They go round and assist people by picking up shopping, medication and anything that the elderly need.”

To donate to the charity visit Jordan’s JustGiving page at

At the end of the video Jordan gives out his own message, saying: “We can defy gravity together and get through this horrible time.”

Watch the video below: