Police officers lit up a Pinehurst street to celebrate hero carers and NHS staff.

More than half a dozen panda cars descended on Oak Tree Avenue to help homeowners mark the third clap for carers event at 8pm.

The street was chosen by police after a request on the Swindon force’s Facebook page for stunning rainbow decorations.

Chief Constable Kier Pritchard picked an astonishing display, painted by Lisa Little and children Charlie and McKenzie in the front window of their terraced home. Writing on the window reads: “WE THANK U” and lists professions ranging from NHS and carers to posties and truck drivers.

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Applauding carers on Thursday night

Army cadet Charlie, 13, said: “We did it to show all of our appreciation for all the key workers and everyone who’s helping at this challenging time.”

Mum Lisa, 38, added: “It’s close to home. I’m a carer, my children’s dad is in the military and their step mum’s a nurse. All of the things we’ve put on the window, it’s in the family.

“We just wanted to make people smile. Seeing the police cars was amazing, absolutely amazing.”

Sgt Stefan Telford, a Pinehurst sergeant based out of Gablecross police station, started the competition.

“I’d noticed the rainbows while I was out. Myself and lots of my colleagues thought it would be a nice thing to do,” he said of turning out en masse to sound their sirens and lights to mark the clap for carers event.

“I know children have been off school for a long time and this has given them something to do.

“It’s lovely to see the rainbows. Horrible times like this can bring out the worst in people. But these show it can bring out the best in people too.”

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Lisa, Charlie and Mackenzie Little with Sgt Stefan Telford

Many of the Little family’s neighbours on Oak Tree Avenue came out to clap shoulder-to-shoulder with the police officers. Lillian Roberts, 82, said: “It’s absolutely brilliant, just lovely. I can’t fault the NHS for the treatment I have had. I had chemotherapy again yesterday.”

The night was an emotional one at Great Western Hospital, where staff remembered Dr Edmond Adedeji, who died on Wednesday after receiving treatment for coronavirus at the Swindon hospital’s intensive care unit. The 62-year-old was a locum doctor at the emergency department.

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Police clap for carers on Oak Tree Avenue 

GWH chief executive Kevin McNamara tweeted: “For those out clapping tonight, let’s do it for Dr Edmond Adedeji, a husband, father, grandfather & part of the GWH family who passed away yesterday from Covid-19. As his family have graciously said ‘He died doing a job he loved, serving others before himself’. Thank you Edmond x”