A PLUMBER surprised NHS workers at his local surgery by installing a brand-new shower for free.

Scott Harflett surprised staff at Purton Surgery when he offered them a 100 per cent discount for the work as a thank you for taking care of the community during the coronavirus crisis.

The managing director of Bubbles Boilers said: “I’m local to Purton and I have been for about 15 years, so I thought I could help them.

“They put a post out looking for showers. I sent them a quote but I did not tell them until the end that they will not have to pay anything for it.

“As a thank you for their tireless effort, especially during this time of hardship, we completed this work free of charge.”

Scott has been a heating engineer for a decade and started his own company a couple of years ago.

The 28-year-old said: “I’ve managed to keep my business going during this pandemic and I can afford to give back.

“I managed to go to my local supplier Swindon Plumbing Supplies Ltd and explain to them who it was for and why I was doing it. I got the materials slightly cheaper than I normally pay.

“I also got some stuff donated to me and my father Steve helped me with the labour.”

The shower would have cost the surgery £1,500, which according to Scott is relatively cheap.

It took him two-and-half days to finish it.

He added: “What I love about my job is all the different people I get to meet and getting to hear their stories. And I like to help. Look at what they are doing, it is quite incredible.

“I also decided to donate them an extra water heater because there wasn’t enough hot water for it. ”

The new shower was set up in the corner of a doctor's room and will safely decontaminate clinical staff before they go home to their families.

The surgery was renting showers in a trailer, costing £250 a week.

Dr Samantha Bracken from Purton Surgery said on Facebook: “We feel the current situation will be ongoing for several months and the most cost-effective way of using the money donated for the showers was to fit a permanent shower unit in one of our larger consultation rooms rather than renting the showers weekly.

“A massive thank you to Bubbles Boilers for installing our new shower.”