A WEST End child star took part in a video to thank NHS heroes who are working hard in the coronavirus crisis.

The video had hundreds of children across the UK and Europe sing You Will Be Found by Dear Evan Hansen.

It was launched on Youtube by Stagebox Musical Theatre on April 16 and has over 45,000 views.

Matilda Blake, of Old Town, wore blue along with the other children to represent the NHS whilst holding up a sign that said spread love not germs.

The 11-year-old is a student at King William CE Primary School, she said: "I wanted to get involved with the video because I think the NHS is really worth supporting, especially now.

"NHS staff are risking their own lives to save others, working night after night.

"I was delighted to be apart of that video because I was able to express how I feel about them working really hard right now."

The young star has been acting since she was two-years-old and has taken part in Stagebox Musical Theatre every summer since she was seven.

Matilda has performed in The Ferryman on the West End and she was in the UK's tour of Nativity! The Musical.

She used her talents to sing along to the Dear Evan Hansen along with the other children taking part in the video.

She said: "We all wrote on a piece of card or paper positive messages, like stay at home and stay strong.

"We sang along to the song which is an uplifting song and it's a helpful thing to do at this time."

It's also personal to her and the family as a friend of theirs works on the frontline of this crisis at Great Western Hospital.

"I think it's very important to show them support because they're helping the whole nation. This is a depressing time for a lot of people especially those who are ill," said Matilda.

"Showing them support whether that's through a video like this or the Clap for Carers is a great way to let them know we're here for them. This will be a time we will all remember and those who worked in the NHS in this time we will be grateful for."

Her mum Victoria is over the moon to see her daughter thank the health service and support staff.

She said: "I'm so proud of her, it was a lovely video and seeing all those other children's faces with their posters was very nice.

"It helps uplift everyone seeing videos like this one and other kind things people are doing."

To watch the video visit the Stagebox Musical Theatre YouTube channel.