Music fans say they are furious at being left out-of-pocket after being refused refunds for Swindon’s cancelled MFor Festival.

The Lydiard Park event was due to take place on July 25 but has been moved to July 31 2021 due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Organisers said that people who could not make the rearranged date could get a refund for their ticket. But some have not found this to be the case.

Demi Brown spent £300 on four VIP tickets, but she can’t make the rearranged date next year as it clashes with her holiday to Fuerteventura.

She said: “I got an email that said they urge people to keep their tickets but if you’re unable to make the rescheduled date you can have a refund.

“I was told my refund request has been rejected and I couldn’t have it.

“I emailed back and said if going abroad isn’t a good enough reason, then what is?

"Either way I’m going to lose money. I’m not going to cancel my holiday for a one-day festival.

“They replied saying they’re happy to process my refund if I gave them all of my holiday details, like a booking confirmation.

“I’m absolutely not doing that because of data protection.

"If they have all the details of my holiday, they can access my holiday. I’ve not heard anything back since.”

David Jenkins spent £80 on two tickets for him and his wife but can’t make next year because it is the same date as his best friend's wedding.

He said: “We understand that coronavirus hit and it’s affected festivals but others, especially Glastonbury, have said people can either refund or honour the ticket next year.

“Now it’s come to this point and they’ve postponed it. I had an email that said to fill out a form and return it by June 2 if we required a refund.

"I filled out the form and had an email back saying I couldn’t have a refund and I’d have to keep hold of the ticket or sell it myself.

“I looked into the terms and conditions and it clearly states that as long as we apply before June 2, 2020, and the new dates are inconvenient then we’re entitled to a refund.

“I’m just appalled with how the whole situation has gone. I’d just like my money back. I just feel like we’ve been robbed of that money."

David believes people shouldn’t have to explain why they can’t make the rearranged date.

He added: “People have had to push their holidays and events back to next year and I don’t think you should justify why you can’t make it, that’s what they were pushing for.

“We shouldn’t have to give our reasons, it’s inconvenient and we can’t make it and that’s all.

“We were looking forward to it, but I definitely won’t be going to one of their festivals again. It’s the worst one I’ve ever had dealings with.”

A statement from MFor said: “As the festival has been rescheduled, not cancelled, the terms and conditions require that refunds are only offered to those unable to make the new date.

“Organisers are delighted that thousands of people have opted to keep their tickets and are looking forward to the rescheduled event.

“Those who have applied for a refund and met the terms and conditions by demonstrating they aren’t able to make the new date, have been granted a full refund in less than seven days after the announcement.

“A handful of refund requests have been denied as the ticket holders have not met these terms and conditions.

“The organisers have taken the unusual step of allowing people to resell their tickets, giving them another route to recoup their money.”