A WILTSHIRE crime investigator has put her creative talents to use during the Ramadan period to spread a message of hope.  

LCI Fadwa Booth spent the last month fasting from sunrise to sunset during Islam’s holiest month.

And during this time, she wrote a poem about Covid-19. She said: “Social media has helped people stay connected and sharing stories and recipes online has been very comforting.

“The force supports my religious and lifestyle choice, allowing me the necessary time off or to work from home should I need to.

“I feel supported by my colleagues and comfortable about sharing my Ramadan stories with them.”

Her poem reads: “During this time of crisis and calamity, I am wishing good health upon you and your family. It’s been a fight against an invisible force, and we’ve all adapted and had to change course.

“We’ve sadly witnessed people dying on the news every day and have spent hours and days wishing it would all go away.

“But amongst the chaos confusion and gloom, the world has stood up and refused this doom.

“Communities across the globe drew rainbows, clapped and made noise, people young and old have shown unity whilst calm, composed and poised.

“For mankind is brave, compassionate, kind and resilient, from the hardship and pain will come a cure that is brilliant.

“We will once again hug and kiss the ones we love so dear.

“And from this a lesson learned for all, to hold close all that brings us hope and cheer.”