Dominic Cummings is facing calls to resign after he travelled to his patents’ home despite coronavirus travel restrictions.

Boris Johnson had offered his “full support” to his under-fire chief adviser after it emerged Mr Cummings had travelled 260 miles to County Durham in March to self-isolate with his family despite strict restrictions against long-distance journeys.

But according to reports in the Observer and Sunday Mirror, the 48-year-old later made a second trip to Durham and was seen there on April 19 – five days after being photographed on his return to Westminster.

Downing Street has said it would “not waste time” replying to the fresh allegations from “campaigning newspapers”.

The claims prompted fury among MPs, and Ian Blackford, SNP Westminster leader, renewed his calls for the PM to axe Mr Cummings from his team.

The Adver asked whether Mr Cummings should resign and here’s what you told us…

Rachel Sleem: “Yes, he should resign. Imagine if, at that time, during the lockdown, we all ignored his lockdown rules and did what he did? Plus, if he does refuse to resign, why don’t we just ignore current rules about travelling?”

Beverly Parry: “Yes, pretending to need childcare and expecting his elderly parents to look after his son who was possibly a carrier of the virus was stupid and clearly wasn't true anyway.

“None of us were allowed to drive 250 miles to see family and friends so why different rules for him? During lockdown my auntie passed away - lived 200 miles away and I wasn't allowed to travel or go to her funeral - we all have family circumstances, but I would have been stopped and fined and sent home.”

Allan Cottrell: “Boris Johnson says that we're in this together, if he allows Dominic Cummings to get away with doing this then it shows that it's really a case of them and us.”

Fiona Chalk: “Yes he should but he won't. Boris must have been aware of this at the time but as usual neither of them will take any responsibility.”

Stewart Crinks: “Yes, putting politics aside we we're told to stay at home, not travel. I don't trust an establishment that changes the rules for their own benefit.”

Karen Grey: “Yes he should resign and if he doesn't then he should be fired!”

Richard Howroyd: “Fired immediately for insulting all the public who are going through hardship whilst he flouts the rules he helped produce.”