A MULTI-MILLION government cash injection into cycling and walking provision could see big improvements in Swindon.

Councillors at Euclid Street say they haven’t been told if the £250m fund will be shared equally but said they will have plans ready.

A spokesman said: “We are working with stakeholders to formulate plans for connecting existing cycle paths and creating the low-traffic neighbourhoods that will benefit our health and the environment in which we live. However, at this early stage, it is too early to speculate on specific plans.”

The council’s Conservative cabinet member for the environment and transport Maureen Penny added: “The council is in the process of developing its Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan, which will identify a range of new routes and improvements to the existing network to enable us to tap into various funding sources when these becomes available.

“I really hope that those who are cycling now will continue to as much as they can and that we can enhance the capacity and conditions within the network, to ensure that many more cyclists join them.

"Even if you are not a cyclist, the reduction in car use – and hence pollution and congestion that could be achieved – will benefit you in the long term”

Rodbourne Labour councillor Jim Robbins raised the issue of which roads might be closed or restricted to allow more socially-distanced walking, running and cycling earlier during lockdown before the announcement was made about millions more being available.

He said he wanted the council to be as proactive as possible in getting a share of the money.

“I’d like to hear from people across the town about where there is a specific issue or place where they would like to see improvements," he said.

“I’d like to see more routes into and around the town centre where cycling is banned at the moment. It would be good to make it easier for people to get into and across town by bike.

“I’m aware there’s an issue in Stratton that I’m going to look into – but it would be worth hearing from other people about where they think things can be improved.”