LITTERBUGS dumping PPE masks and gloves on the streets have been branded ‘despicable’.

And fears have been raised it could be spreading coronavirus.

One householder from north Swindon said: “I’m shocked and appalled at what I’m seeing on the streets. It’s despicable behaviour from people when we’re all supposed to be looking out for each other.”

The resident said that over the past few weeks the amount of discarded protective equipment left as rubbish on the streets has significantly increased.

“Recently I’ve been riding my bike around Swindon and was in the Manchester Road area, and what shocked me the most was seeing a used mask on the floor opposite a children’s play park. But we’re seeing it everywhere,” she said.

“Not only is it disgusting, but we’re all in this, it’s a global pandemic.

“It is a disease that anyone can get which we don’t fully understand yet but people think it’s okay to throw their rubbish out of their cars.”

She added she is concerned such behaviour will spread the virus further.

“It’s absolutely imperative that everyone looks out for each other at this time and puts the PPE in the bin.

“I’d love to catch someone doing it because I would shame them on the spot. I just don’t understand it. The inconsiderateness is appalling,” she said.

Now the Penhill Street Reps has started litter picking in north Swindon to try and combat the problem.

A spokesperson for the group said: “The amount of PPE we are finding is alarming. People are not being responsible with it. They’re throwing this material down and they don’t understand the risks it poses to everybody else.”

The group, which is now receiving requests from residents to clean badly-affected streets, said that in Ferndale Close they collected 10 pairs of discarded gloves.

The spokesperson added: “We’re conscious that as the government relaxes the lockdown measures we don’t want kids out on the streets kicking these items, going home, taking their shoes off and potentially then causing a cycle for reinfection.

“It’s not fair that that child then gets ill because somebody was irresponsible and didn’t dispose of their PPE properly.”