Above the law

I’m sure all Advertiser readers will agree how great it is that we live in a democracy, otherwise we might have unelected, unaccountable leaders who can flout the law with impunity.

Howard March

Tudor Crescent,

Stratton St Margaret

PM out of his depth

Along with many people living in Wiltshire and across the country I am feeling dumbfounded after listening to what can only be described as Cummings snivelling defence of his actions in breaking the COVID lockdown on numerous occasions. It shows his arrogance and a lack of comprehension of the virus and of how his behaviour would impact on the British people, who have suffered among the worst infection and death rates in the world from this hideous pandemic.

It should be remembered this happened largely due to the failure of the Government to act quickly to lock down in the first place as was done in many other countries including New Zealand, Denmark, Germany and South Africa, and for this disclosure to be emerging now at a time when a second wave of the virus is highly likely is unforgivable.

As we have seen on the news, frustration is already leading some people to abandon social distancing, making a second wave more likely, and this will not have been helped by Cumming’s actions.

It is vital that we keep taking precautions, keep social distancing and stay at home where possible until the health experts tell us it is safe to end these precautions. This is especially important here in Wiltshire and the West Country where low levels of infection so far mean that when it does turn up there is likely to be less resistance to it causing further serious mayhem.

Prime Minister Johnson’s strange attachment to Cummings, and his defence of his actions is simply inexcusable.

There must now be those in the Conservative party who will be making plans for Johnson’s replacement, as for all his bluster he is clearly out of his depth in this role.

The purge of the left in the Conservative party, prior to last year’s December General Election of many of its more able and likeable members of parliament, makes this a difficult choice, Gove is surely compromised by his association with Cummings, Patel and Raab are simply sub-standard and I wouldn’t give Hancock half an hour in the job. We appear to be caught between a rock and a hard place.

So, time for all of us irrespective of party allegiance to do the right thing and keep calm and carry on.

Dr Brian Mathew

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for North Wiltshire

Wiltshire Councillor

Stupidity of thousands

What a load of fuss about the situation involving travel made by Dominic Cummings!

Every rule will not apply to all as individual circumstances vary so much. Labour has jumped on the bandwagon as well as some Conservatives but no one has mentioned the utter stupidity and disregard shown by thousands of people visiting beauty spots/ Devon and Cornwall etc. All of those present more of a problem than one individual.

I have heard that a camper van was seen parked at Weymouth and the owner appeared from the door in his dressing gown. Obviously stayed overnight. If you are going to criticise anyone, criticise them all. Also a friend who drives HGV’s at night is surprised at the amount of camper vans parked in lay-bys!

Nobody yet has stated how much China has made this situation untenable and how much we should hold THEM accountable.

Chris Gleed

Proud Close