Litterbugs are being put to shame by the efforts of one seven-year-old boy.

Last Christmas, Frankie Reeves from Park North asked for an unusual present and has been busy helping to clean up his neighbourhood ever since.

The Oak Tree Primary School pupil had been learning about the importance of looking after the environment at school, and afterwards asked his grandma to buy him a litter pick for Christmas so he could do his bit to help.

Mum Lian Scott said: “We were a bit shocked when he asked for the litter pick.

“It’s a bit unusual and me and my mum did have a bit of a laugh because we didn’t think he was being serious.

“He was so excited when he opened it and couldn’t wait to go straight out and use it,” she added.

Frankie said: “I started learning about looking after the environment at school and it got me into pick up litter.

“When me and mummy go down to walk the dog to Shaftesbury Lake we often see a lot of litter flying around.

“It’s really not good and it just makes me feel really angry because people shouldn’t be littering,” he said.

“I’m shocked at how much I collect in a small area,” he added.

Frankie has been going out to do litter picks a couple of times each week since Christmas.

He doesn’t let bad weather deter him from cleaning up any rubbish he finds in the streets near his house.

Lian said: “He’s been out on some very windy days – and it's been difficult because the bag he’s been collecting rubbish in has actually blown around.”

She added: “It’s very important for children to get involved in helping the environment.

“It’s not very nice when you’re walking down the street and you see lots of plastic bags wafting into the lake, and it’s harmful for the wildlife there.

“There’s so much of it out on the streets,” Lian added.

“This area has a lot of smashed glass around here that you can cut your feet on too.”

“I pick up as much as I can, even the tiny pieces,” added Frankie.

The mum of the keen, young recycler added that seeing how much the cause matters to her son has encouraged her and other members of the family to do their bit to help keep the streets free of litter.

“I am very proud of him,” Lian added. “It was all his idea, and I’ve just supported and encouraged him.

“If only more people could each play their part, and hopefully this may encourage others to do the same,” she said.