A 'SNAKE' has taken over Heaton Close as children and families keep adding colourfully-painted stones.

It’s not known who started 'Connie' the Covid-19 snake but it’s been the talk of Abbey Meads.

Childminder Jackie Elliot, who looks after the children of frontline workers, spoke to the Adver about getting the youngsters involved.

The 52-year-old said: “Someone started it two weeks ago. They put up some posters asking people to get involved.

“I’ve been over there almost every day to look at it and see any new stones that have been added.

"We decided to make our own. The children I look after their parents are key workers and on the frontline of the NHS, so I asked them to paint stones of flags from different countries to show that we’re all in this together.”

The youngsters painted flags for Yemen, Cuba, Nigeria, Australia, Canada and Botswana.

Jackie added: “All the kids absolutely love it. When we go over to see it they get so excited.

“It’s brought the community together because people are stopping to look at it but they’re talking to one another.

“There might be language barriers or you may never have spoken to these people before but it’s bringing us together.

"It’s good for everyone because it’s something new that’s going on and it’s a good distraction to everything terrible that’s happening.”

Swindon Police posted a video on Facebook after spotting the snake.

It has over 12,000 views and over 350 reactions to the post.

Jackie, who lives in Abbey Meads, has been a childminder in Swindon for 25 years but she has found lockdown the most challenging period.

She told the Adver: “The Covid-19 situation has been horrible but it has brought people together.

“It has been so challenging because we have to social distance but if a child hurts themselves, I’m going to comfort them. We all have to wear protective gear and constantly wash our hands.

“I look at the children when they have to goodbye to their mums and dads at the doorstep and it’s so daunting.

"The carers and the NHS workers have helped keep people alive. They’ve tackled this virus and I appreciate it so much.”