MUSICIANS will set up on stage at a Swindon nightspot tomorrow for a live gig with a difference.

There’ll be no audience in the room at Level 3 and the band, Gaz Keenan and his John Lennon Tribute will be socially distanced from each other.

But fans will tune in at 7pm and watch the performance through the lenses of multiple cameras.

Gaz said: “It’s new ground really, none of us have ever done this before apart from in rehearsals. It’ll be a different dynamic.

“We won’t have an audience to feed off, we won’t have that element of being able to get a bit of banter going which we usually would.

“It’s going to be different but it’s a step forward to getting back to normal.”

The 41-year-old explained: “We will be set up like a live band but obviously following government guidelines of two metres apart.

“There is not going to be an audience in attendance but we are going to be filming it. We will have multiple cameras set up, we will have camera operators and we will stream it as a live gig.

“It will be a full live band, good quality audio, good quality visuals, multiple angles, and a full lighting system.

“We will try and play a live gig without the audience.”

The band has talked with other venues around the country but Level 3 is the first to take up the idea and give it a whirl.

“Some are completely against it, some are very interested in seeing how this pilot goes because this is a UK first,” said Gaz, who lives in Stratton.

“We don’t really know how it will go. We’re trying it and hoping it goes well.”

Originally from Chester, Gaz realised his John Lennon potential when his wife Nicky suggested he had the face for it.

“A couple of years ago my wife saw an advert for the Bootleg Beatles,” he said.

“And they needed a new John Lennon and I’d not been a musician since I was a teenager and she said I should go for it because I’m a Scouser and I’ve got a big nose.

“I was unsuccessful but I kept working on it.

“Another audition came up and I got through and won but decided not to join and started my own.”

The stream can be found at and it is free to view but organisers are hoping for donations.