TAKEAWAY Sunday roasts are proving a winner in Swindon while the pubs are closed.

A number of establishments, including The Moonrakers in Cricklade Road and the Freke Arms in Highworth, have decided to deliver the traditional meal to ensure customers don't miss out.

Paula Vernon, manager at The Moonrakers, said: “We’re starting Sunday roasts this weekend and I’ll be showing what’s available on our Facebook page

“We’re setting up a kiosk out the front in the smoking shelter and we’ll set up social distancing markers so people stay apart.”

Paula is used to having around 90 roast dinner orders on a normal Sunday but she’s hoping for a more relaxed demand for the new service.

She added: “Normally we’re popular on a Sunday but I’m here on my own so I haven’t been able to do this sooner without getting some help in.”

David Longman, who runs the Freke Arms, said: “People can phone us up and book a slot.

"We’ll get their dinner ready and they can come and collect it.

“But if they can’t collect then we’re happy to deliver it to them.

“We started off quite slow, doing around 15, but now we’re sending out around 50.”

To help out with the current situation, David has reduced his the price for the dinner.

He added: “We’re probably breaking even to be honest but it keeps us in the market and helps people out.”