READERS of the Adver have backed the ending of the weekly Clap for Carers.

More than 7,000 people voted in our online poll with 61 per cent of the vote saying they would no longer be taking part.

The weekly event has been going on since lockdown began but founder Annemarie Plas said it was time to stop because of concerns it had become politicised.

And Adver readers agreed saying that NHS workers deserved better pay and more PPE rather than a weekly gesture.

One of those backing the call for better pay was Steve Pearce, who said: “Clapping doesn't put food on the table or provide PPE. Increased financial support would be more help.”

Melissa Beaumont added: “I doubt that will happen in the near future as we will all have to take a pay freeze so the government can get back all the money they paid out already.

“It’s going be a very hard few years unfortunately.”

NHS worker John May agreed it was time for the clap to stop. He said: “While I appreciate the sentiment, it’s a decent wage and conditions we need.”

Another sentiment shared by many readers was that the clap had become a 'competition' to see who can show the most support.

Gemma Hedges said: “Clapping has become a game of outdoing one another, losing the meaning behind it.

“My girls understand why we did it and I will forever be grateful for the NHS and key workers.”

Dave Durston added: “The NHS and carers have asked people to stop doing it.

“Plus it’s totally lost its meaning and purpose now.”

But some readers did add they would continue to clap regardless.

Paula Law believes the clap should continue to show support to all key workers not just the NHS, with Dee Blockley adding: “I will be clapping for the people who have brought me shopping and medication while I am having to stay at home.”

For Kevin McClean, the clap has become the time where he sees his neighbours to check people are okay.

Another suggestion, from Guy Whiteside, was every clapping household should donate £1 to an NHS Trust.