Forget and move on

The recent protests/demonstrations and the idiocy of it all make the Dominic Cummings episode pale into insignificance.

Their lack of adherence to the principles of social distancing makes Dominic Cummings look like one of the most sensible people on earth.

Those involved in the Bristol issue whereby the Colston statue was torn down must have walked past that statue many times in their daily lives and would have been arrested if they, as individuals, had attempted to tear down the statue before.

The cowards have hidden behind the crowd to achieve their aim.

There are many things in life that we must forget and move on, otherwise, as it have been proven, it will manifest itself for years to come.

Why were these problems not brought to the fore prior to these episodes?

I don’t condone the force carried out by the police in America on George Floyd but what are they to do with criminals with a violent past who resist arrest so strongly.

My condolences go out to his family but they must certainly have been aware.

Also, why would people resort to looting during these demonstrations, I don’t know!

Anyway, I must go and clear up the many cardboard placards left to deteriorate as rubbish when it all becomes wet.

Chris Gleed

Proud Close


Cruelty of rioters

I have watched with disgust the footage of rioters targeting beautiful, noble horses, throwing brick, fireworks and bicycles at them.

Certainly no decent human being would do this.

These aren’t people responding to particularly events in America but people just looking for an excuse for anti social behaviour.

What feral low life they must be to target defenceless animals.

Animals are worth a life too. So why target them.

The bicycle deliberately thrown towards that horse could have broken it’s leg. It would then have to be put down.

Someone knows who deliberately set out to frighten and injure these lovely animals. If you have the bottle to take part in a protest then have the bottle to dob in the perpetrator who was cruel to animals. Someone must know who did this.

Those lovely animals were clearly petrified. Its not only humans who are worthy of a decent life!

J Lewis

By email

Reactions prove need

I would like to thank the Advertiser for the coverage of the Black Lives Matter demonstration in Swindon on Saturday.

It was good to see that the people of Swindon were able to remain peaceful while protesting about an emotive subject.

The reactions that you have reported from some quarters only prove how necessary this demonstration was.

Clearly some people have no idea of the discrimination that black people suffer.

I have read accounts of people being harassed by police, get passed by for promotion or at job interviews in favour of less experienced people, and face abuse on the streets. This happens in Swindon, not other places.

I understand that I do not see this myself because I am white.

I urge readers to seek out search for these accounts themselves.

Some may say that all lives matter not just black lives, but the plain fact is that it is black people whose lives are treated as if they do not matter.

Anita March

Tudor Crescent