Economy before lives

The cracks are starting to appear. Wednesday week a question was put to one of the scientific advisors at the daily Coronavirus briefing.

She was asked, who was it that decided to scrap testing in March? And who do we blame the Scientists or the Ministers? The Scientific advisor was taken aback, she realised straight away the implication that this question implied,

She waffled around it but she was clearly shaken by it. From that moment the Science advisor's started to take a different approach, when asked they now reply, we give the Government advice and it up to them to make a policy decision.

I lost track how many times the scientists have said that once you have had Covid-19 you become immune, not anymore.

The World Health Organisation have made it absolutely clear, that they have carried out many, many thousands of test on Covid-19 victims and there is no evidence that you become immune. They also told all Governments not to issue certificates claiming that they are.

Now the Scientists say we are waiting for more evidence, at present we can't say that you are. Boris has repeatedly claimed that antibody tests was a game changer. The Government has spent millions on antibody tests kits and all it will show, is that it proves someone has had it or not.

From the very beginning I was convinced that the Government was implementing Herd theory. Last week on Channel 4 they also looked into the way the Government has tackled the pandemic. The evidence points to Herd immunity. The Government didn't follow World Health Organisation rules and followed a different model, and this is where we are are . I recall writing in March stating they were predicting 50,000 deaths, how right they are.

It looks obvious to me that the Government are prepared to let this virus flow through the population. We may find ourselves in the situation of the survival of the fittest, the true course to take, is to go back to the beginning and implement WHO rules to pandemics, all successful countries that have followed these rules have had the least deaths. New Zealand, Greece and South Korea are a few. Unfortunately,

I feel that the Government had decided to priorities the economy before lives, If this is the case I'm dreading the final death toll.

Allan Woodham

West View


Chlorinated chicken

The government is caving in to America over the import of chlorinated chickens and in return the Americans will be able to set the costs for medicines sold to the NHS.

This is really putting Britain first.

Now if the government can negotiate deals similar to this with the EU and China we will be, to use the vernacular, in deep poo poo.

Now don’t get me wrong chlorinating chickens will not harm you.

You drink chlorine in your tap water, you swim in chlorine in the swimming baths and pour gallons of the stuff down your sinks and toilets, all of which protects our health.

No, the problem is why they chlorinate chickens at all, when we don’t. It is because of the disgusting conditions.

The conditions in British chicken batteries are disgusting, but are like luxury spas Compared to the American ones where chickens are kept in greater density, live amongst their dead comrades and are not inoculated against salmonella.

To eat them unchlorinated would be a hazard to health and even life, to eat them at all a hazard to the soul.

Steve Thompson

Norman Road