A WOMAN who has not been able to see her husband in his care home for three months is full of praise for the way he is being looked after.

John Poynter has dementia and lives in Fessey House, a home owned and run by Swindon Borough Council in Haydon Wick.

Because of the risk of infection, John’s wife Kath, 80, who lives in Chiseldon has been unable to see him in person since March.

But she speaks with him every day and knows he is in good hands.

Kath said: ”We’ve both been given iPads so we Facetime every day. He can’t say too much, but I can see he’s always looking neat and tidy and well dressed. His room’s always tidy and clean.”

During lockdown Kath says John, 82 has enjoyed visits from an ice cream van.

She said: ”At the start a van went round and they had free ice cream, and then the management team got some money together, and he goes round now once a week and they have a discount. John loves his Mr Whippy – he loves anything sweet.”

John asked to go into Fessey House last August after going to hospital after a number of falls.

Kath: ”Since then, I don’t have enough praise for the manger and staff.

"The manager, Sharron Black, works so hard to make sure everything is right. The staff are so good with him, he’s got two favourites, Sally and Flo, but I’ve seen them all with him and they’re all equally good.

“There’s always something to do there. When visits were allowed they have had visits from people who bring in dogs and even alpacas and they loved that.

“There are things like musical activities and they have a big craft room for crafts and paintings and there’s always music.

"The residents are never just sitting there – even if they are sitting down, there’s always music, and if they want to get up and have a jig, they can and they really like it.”

Sharron Black, who manages both Fessey House and the council’s Whitbourne House in Park South, said: “It’s very heartwarming that someone who is having to cope with lockdown and who hasn’t been able to see her husband for so long has taken the time and trouble to give us such praise.

“It really does help everyone who works here to know that our work is so well appreciated.”

The Poynters' borough councillor in Chiseldon and Lawn is Jenny Jefferies.

She said: “Prior to lockdown Kath and John attended a memory cafe that I am involved with.

“I’ve been calling Kath during lockdown just to keep in touch and on one occasion when I enquired about John. She was so full of praise for the standard of care and compassion he was receiving in Fessey House.

“She said it allowed her to be less worried about being separated from him at this difficult time. She felt the staff should be applauded.”

At the time of writing there have been no cases of Covid-19 at either Fessey or Whitbourne House.