Yesterday marked 100 days of lockdown for Swindon and Adver readers got in touch to tell us how they've been spending it.

Some readers had still been at work, whether that's from being a key worker or being able to work from home.

One of those was Neil Stevens who has also been able to spend more time with his family.

He said: "I still worked five day weeks during it. Just need to plan visits to shops a little differently and queue for everything.

"Hardest part is just things you take for granted like just popping over to take our little girl to see our parents, and then when we have been allowed to, no just being able to go up and hug."

Another reader taking the opportunity to spend time with their family was Patrick Connolly.

He added: "It's been good, a nice opportunity to relax a little, I have worked full time throughout which has maybe helped, but with no kids clubs, sports to play, pubs open we have spent more time as a family.

"We have eaten healthier and gone out for family bike rides, so lots of positives that we will try and continue with."

Being in lockdown since March 24 has meant that some people have missed out on celebrating birthdays.

One of those was Lauren Rose who turned 11. To make up for the fact that they couldn't go anywhere mum Helen created their own mini-festival in their back garden.

She said: "We had LaurenFest as we couldn’t get out anywhere.

"We played games to win prizes, we had yummy food and drinks, danced to music. She had the best day and we had some amazing family time."

Lauren even took the time during lockdown to learn to paint alongside her five-year-old sister Olivia.