A MUSIC festival full of Swindon performers kicks off this weekend.

More than 20 bands, duos and solo artists from around the town and across Wiltshire will star in the first-ever Swindon Summer Music Festival - and it’s all online.

The pandemic has pushed back major music events like MFor and Live at Lydiard that were due to be held in the next few weeks and the new two-day event hopes to generate some of the atmosphere virtually.

Singers and musicians will be streamed live from their homes and the festival’s Facebook page from 10.30am on Saturday and Sunday.

Acts performing on Saturday, including headliners mother and daughter Hayley and Harmony, will raise money for the British Heart Foundation while those performing on the Sunday, including The Voice Kids star Phoebe Maddison, will be helping Diabetes UK.

Hayley and Harmony said: “We are extremely excited to be headlining the festival on Saturday.

“We are rocking the lockdown following in the steps of the mother of music, Lynn Townsend.”

Hayley is known for playing her sax in Ska’Bucks and Harmony for singing with the Toxic Girls.”

Each headliner will be the last performer of the day, with a set starting at 8.30pm.

Phoebe told the Adver: “I am absolutely delighted to be involved.

“I have been rehearsing a lot over the past couple of weeks and it’s really exciting to be given the chance to brighten up peoples’ summertime with a bit of music.

“Diabetes UK is a charity particularly close to my heart as I have Type 1 diabetes, so I’m thrilled to be able to help raise money for this important cause.”

Other acts include Here Comes The Crows, Rude Mood, Sarah Fusco, Gertz and Sam Swancott.

A spokesman for the event said: “On behalf of everybody at the festival, we would like to say a massive thank you to all the artists who have put themselves forward to take part in this two-day event.

“Swindon is extremely lucky to be blessed with so many talented musicians and we are confident that they will bring a touch of sunshine to the first weekend in July.

“We would kindly ask people to support these local acts by tuning into the festival and, if they can, donating a small sum to the British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK, both of which do incredible work in the community.”

For the full line-up and show times, and to watch the acts perform live, visit facebook.com/swindonsummermusicfestival