A teen found herself before the justices on a harassment charge - for ordering pizzas and taxis to a woman’s home.

And Delicia Wheeler’s lawyer said the 19-year-old only started the fortnight-long harassment campaign after her victim accused her of having sent the takeaway favourite, which she hadn’t – yet.

Luke Jameson, defending, told Swindon Magistrates’ Court: “She feels she’s been accused of things she hasn’t done, but in Delicia’s way she’s felt if I’m going to be blamed for it I might as well do it anyway.”

Prosecutor Ben Worthington said Wheeler’s victim had a number of unwanted takeaway meals delivered to her home by the woman, along with taxis. Receipts provided to the police showed the food had been ordered in the name of “Delicia W”.

“She had to decline those meals and put up with disgruntled delivery drivers,” Mr Worthington said. The woman had received abusive Facebook messages from the teenager.

The harassment took place between June 18 and 27. The victim was now scared to leave her home and had taped up her letterbox.

Wheeler, who has previously been a regular fixture before the Swindon youth and magistrates’ courts, was also charged with breaching a criminal behaviour order on June 28 that prevents her from causing a nuisance and allegations she had been drunk and disorderly on April 12 and 28.

The court heard she was arrested for criminal damage in early April after she chewed through a set of police leg restraints, a feat labelled “somewhat impressive” by the prosecutor.

Mr Jameson, defending, said his client had been diagnosed with autism, PTSD, anxiety, depression, a borderline personality disorder and, most recently, an attachment disorder. She had split up with her boyfriend earlier this year.

The solicitor said the harassment offence stemmed from conversations the victim had had with Wheeler’s mother. The victim had had takeaways and taxis sent to her in the past and blamed Wheeler.

She “decided in her unreasoning ‘if I’m going to be blamed for something I’m going to send some round anyway’,” Mr Jameson said.

Wheeler, of The Moorings, Kingshill, pleaded guilty to harassment, breach of a criminal behaviour order, criminal damage and two counts of being drunk and disorderly.

Magistrates ordered the probation service compile a pre-sentence report and bailed the young woman to return to court on July 22 for sentence.

Chairman of the bench Christine Smith said: “We need some more information about it and what’s suddenly happened to change your situation and for there to be an escalation in your criminal activity.”