DISGUSTED Sara Christina has hit out at Burger King over the state of a meal she had delivered.

It arrived cold to Sara’s Pinehurst home where one bite told her something was off.

Despite ordering a Double Whopper, the burger that arrived, delivered by Just Eat, included four beef patties instead of two.

The 37-year-old said: “They sent me some sort of extreme burger instead. I looked at the burger and had a bite and it did not taste normal.

“I opened the burger and I could see holes in it.

"As I looked closer I could see things popping out of it and I was shocked.

“What concerned me the most was that the burger would just disintegrate. How can someone serve any food like that? Children eat there.”

Including delivery, the meal cost Sara £11. The nutritionist received an £8 refund.

A statement from Burger King said customers should contact the delivery company with any complaints and added: “The round “dots” found on Whopper patties are the result of juices forming around the holes pressed into each raw burger during the freezing process.

“The holes are there to ensure that we get a fast, even cook throughout the 100 per cent beef patty, which allows us to put the meat through high temperatures and ensure each burger delivers our signature flame-grill flavour.”