People have been so keen to have their hair cut that one salon has decided to open as early as possible - a second past midnight on Saturday.

The Natural Selection Hair Salon on Rodbourne Road has three customers lined up to have their hair done tomorrow morning. 

Owner Jane Norgrove said it made sense. 

“We’ve all been waiting for the government to allow us to reopen and finally we had that news. 

“We’ve had clients enquiring as to what time we’re going to be opening. One suggested they would come in at one second past midnight. 

“It didn’t take us long to think this through and we are committed to our clients so we thought why not?”

Jane said: “Our salon is Covid-19 ready with measures in place to protect staff and clients.”

“I’m looking forward to it and all my clients have really been looking forward. 

“I can’t wait to get my hands on their heads.”

Although she’s reopening just after midnight, Jane will have to close again a bit later to get some sleep before coming back in the day to deal with her regular customers. 

She said: “I think I’ll have to go and sleep else it could kill me.

“I’ve got three people already coming in just after midnight, after I’ve finished them I’ll go home, have some sleep and then I’ll come back again.

“Reopening is so important and I’m really looking forward to it. A lot of my clients are really lovely and we’ve been keeping in touch.

“All of them and my friends and family have helped me and offered support during this crisis and I’m looking forward to meeting them again.”

To keep staff and customers safe, Jane has put in place social distancing measures as well as only letting in one client at a time. She has also removed the waiting area inside her salon. 

Along with reopening, Jane is offering a discount to NHS front line workers. 

She said: “I would like to thank our wonderful NHS staff who have saved lives and we would like to offer a 20 per cent discount to them all for their haircuts.