Swindon Town players and the manager have given messages of thanks to the fans for the support this season. 

Town won the title on a points-per-game system after League Two was curtailed due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Players finally got to lift the trophy two weeks ago but had to do it behind closed doors due to current lockdown restrictions. 

Despite fans not being there, they were on the minds of everyone involved. 

Manager Richie Wellens said: "There’s been fantastic contributions from all the staff, fantastic contributions from all the players but more than anybody was the supporters.

"The supporters have really bought into what I wanted to do this year, the away support has been outstanding.

"That has transpired into the home support and the day against Exeter when there was 13,000.

"I truly believe that the last four home games of the season would have been full, we’ve missed out on that.

"I said after Salford away that it feels like the supporters have the club back and I truly believe that and now this club can go on to bigger and better things."

Club captain and central defender Dion Conroy added: "I just want to say thank you for the support. We’ve not been able to do it without them.

“Hopefully we can all get together soon and celebrate together and show our gratitude for the support all season."

Star striker Eoin Doyle added his thanks, noting that the desire to have him back in January was something he had never seen in football before.

He said: "So obviously a massive thanks from myself and for welcoming me so much, sticking by me and wanting me back in January and sticking by me again.

"It was an absolute pleasure to play for them and I just can’t express how grateful I am for them.

"I just want to say thanks so much for everything throughout the season.

"There were some games where they really stuck by us and got us over the line on a number of occasions.

"And with the way this season has ended with points-per-game, those little moments have been crucial."

Midfielder Michael Doughty added: "Thank you. They’ve made it possible. They continue to support the club.

“We play for them and we can’t wait to see them next year.”

Defender Paul Caddis, who won his second League Two title with the club, said the support from the fans gave him the extra boost he needed.

He said: "It’s simple, thank you.

“On a personal note thank you for your support. It was a difficult one for me when I first came back mentally, I hadn’t been at a club for a long time and to have people that believe in you then that gives you that little bit extra.

“As the whole season panned out, they’ve been there every week whether it’s home support or away, it’s been more good than bad.

“They deserve it because I think since 2012 it’s been a lot of ups and downs so they deserve the time and we deserve to celebrate with them and they deserve to celebrate with us."