Staff at Great Western Hospital joined people across Swindon to clap for carers as the NHS celebrated its 72nd anniversary.

Nurses, doctors and visitors came together by the main entrance to the hospital this afternoon to show their thanks to the carers working on the frontline or the coronavirus pandemic as well as thanks to the NHS on this landmark occasion.

The clap for carers gesture became popular over the coronavirus lockdown as members of the public stood on doorsteps to applaud key workers for the work they have been doing.

But it was stopped after the original creator felt it was becoming too politicised among calls for workers to be paid more rather than a gesture.

Alongside the clap at GWH, members of the public were asked to put a light in the window for members of the family who had died during the pandemic.

Landmarks across the UK were lit up blue on Saturday night to mark the event including Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament.