It seems like Swindon can pat itself on the back after Super Saturday.

We didn’t fall into the trap of overdoing it, like so many other places in the country.

Some of the pictures from London show drinkers giving up on social distancing.

They were packed into the streets up close to each other. It looked like the headline should be, “Government downgrades how far a metre is!”

Elsewhere there were pubs shut early because of fights.

It’s evidence of our strange relationship with alcohol. We should have predicted it because of Dry January.

Once a year there is a campaign to hold off from the booze in the most depressing month of the year. I think the concept is, if you can stop drinking during the month with little daylight and the longest gap between paydays you can do anything.

One the first of Feb we always see pictures of revellers out on the street, fully tanked up, wearing McDonald’s bags for shoes.

We don’t do that with any other month. Those who have done Veganuary don’t end it with a massive Atkins diet binge and pictures in the newspaper of them with the meat sweats.

After Stoptober, November doesn’t start with people finishing off the huge pack of cigarettes they got in duty free.

We only act like this where alcohol is involved.

Super Saturday also saw the hairdressers reopen, but we weren’t met with scenes of hairy people filling the streets outside the barbers downing the liquid they keep the combs in.

Maybe the powers that be could see this coming.

There is a conspiracy theory online that says the Government may have wanted us to go overboard on the celebration. If there is a second wave it will seem like the fault lies with the drinkers and not with the authorities.

If that’s the case, we can hold out heads high because we didn’t see crazy scenes in the SN postcodes.

We won’t be going through what so many others will be. They’re be getting phone calls from the track and trace people telling them that someone in the massive crowd of drinkers they were in on Saturday night has tested positive for Coronavirus and they should now quarantine for 14 days.

I have had some large night’s out in my time but I have never been out on a session that required me to take two weeks off work.

Over the next few weeks the people who like to overdo it will be stuck at home self-isolating, like their own mini Leicester.

That’s when I’ll pop out for a nice quiet drink. I’ll see you there.