AN elderly man’s groceries were stolen from his doorstep while he parked his car.

Vincent Lewis left two bags full of shopping from Asda and his wallet just outside the entrance door to the block of flats on Beaulieu Close in Toothill.

But when the 80-year-old returned minutes later he discovered they were gone. Immediately he went over the road to his friend Anthony Small who looked through his CCTV footage and spotted the thieves.

Anthony told the Adver: “On my camera, you can see that they walked past his bags, they had a quick look, then one of them stopped and picked them up.

“He came here and I went to his house. I phoned his bank for him and stopped his card and I took him in town the next day so he can draw some money and order a new card.

“Then I had to go on to the website and order him another bus pass because it was in the wallet as well.”

The theft was reported to Wiltshire Police who are investigating and want anyone with information to contact them on 101.

Anthony said: “This area is usually not too bad. Most of the baddies who live up here, do their things somewhere else. I was surprised it happened, especially in broad daylight when he was sat in his car.

“I’ve known Vincent for at least 20 years. Just after Christmas, he was diagnosed with first-stage dementia. But he’s not too bad. He manages to do everything himself,” he said.

“They must be fairly local people because they had shopping of their own, and they were walking down the road. So, they can’t be too far away.”

The pair have built a strong friendship over the years. Anthony said: “I usually help Vincent with paperwork, when there’s a letter he doesn’t understand, he brings them over and I help him.

“I told him to make sure he keeps his bags with him and keeps his wallet in his pocket from now on. If he had put them inside the door, instead of outside the door, they wouldn’t have gone.”

The wallet contained a bus pass, his credit card, £50 in cash, and personal items.

Vincent said: “Of course I still feel safe in the area. Unfortunately, I didn’t see them. I’ve lived here for years and it’s the first time it happened.

“I was really angry. If I had seen them, there would have been a fight.”

His neighbour Kim Mills appealed for help on social media and posted CCTV pictures of the incident on the West Swindon Community Facebook group.

She said: “He lived next to me for eight years. He’s a genuine chatty who would offer help to anyone in need. He is always polite and pleasant.

“He has lots of neighbours in the street who look out for him it was just unfortunate none of us happened to be there at that time.

“He seems okay now, it just makes you wonder who’s watching when you’re just doing something like parking your car after shopping.

“Things are happening here, but yes I was surprised it happened in broad daylight when he was outside parking his car.

“It’s not like he was in the house and didn’t see.”

In her post she addressed the thieves directly and said: “Do you mind returning the goods? You know where you stole it from.

“You were seen on a few cameras! Obviously, the police and council have been informed and cards cancelled! You don’t look like you’re in much need of a bus pass either!

She told them: “Do the decent thing and return his things! As they don’t belong to you.”