The team at the Kingsmead Care Home in Swindon received a special gift from a Wiltshire artist.

Professional dancer-turned-artist Nellie Hearn contacted the home, which is part of the Healthcare Homes (Spring) Ltd and provides residential care for 40 people

Nellie wanted to give them a painting of a dandelion in recognition of the efforts the team has made during the coronavirus pandemic, and delivered the artwork which will be hung in the home’s reception.

Nellie said: “The painting is called Make a Wish – it’s of a dandelion’s head and I think we can all recall blowing the seeds from a dandelion and then making a wish.

"This piece of work was chosen because those at Kingsmead said if they had one wish, it would be a cure for dementia. This painting seemed really fitting and I was very happy to donate this for all to enjoy.”

The home has appreciated a large amount of support from the community during lockdown, with letters, gifts and donations regularly received by staff and residents.

Home manager Nicky Bickerstaffe said, “We’ve been quite overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of our community during the pandemic. We were very touched when we heard from Nellie, who was so keen to gift something to our home in recognition of the work of the team. The painting has already been admired by many and we hope that people will enjoy it for years to come.”