The reopening of Broadgreen Community Centre will be high risk, according to the South Swindon Parish Council.

Reopening plans were discussed at a full council meeting last week but it members decided the centre will remain closed for the foreseeable future.

A risk assessment, conducted by staff at the community centre, determined there was a high risk of catching Covid-19 if it reopened as normal.

Council chairman Chris Watts said: "I understand there are various things that are lower risk but I, personally, wouldn't be comfortable reopening at the moment.

"We should grind out what we can do which will be lower risk and then look at doing a risk assessment again.

"If somebody was to come in and found to be positive then we would have to contact everyone, do a deep clean and go through that process."

When a new risk assessment is created, the council agreed only the chairman and clerks will decide on reopening.